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As a mama of two, a wife, a Doula, a Birth Photographer and a mama in the process to adopt, life can get a little crazy!….Ok maybe a lot crazy! But it makes all of those first moments so special! Life with a new baby on the way can be chaotic so allow me to help you have the best stress-free birth experience you possibly can! You deserve the birth experience that you desire! So let’s make it happen!

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Having a baby can be stressful but booking your birth services shouldn’t be! Allow me to help you have the best birth experience and take care of all of your needs. Booking your birth services is as easy as three simple steps. 


Think about what birth services will best benefit you and your family. Give me a call or send me an email to book your services.


Book your birth services and your in person consultation where we will plan and discuss your birth preferences.  


Take a deep breath and allow me to help you achieve the exact birth experience you desire to have. You deserve only the best birth experience!

Your birth experience…

Your best birth experience starts with you! Take a moment and think of the kind of birth experience you would like to have. Is it a hospital birth or a home birth? A medicated birth or an unmedicated birth? …… Now let’s make it happen! 

Together, we will make sure you have the best birth experience you can have. But first we will take time getting to know each other through an in person consultation. Then we will talk about your birth preferences and work towards a fearless, anxiety-free birth experience through our private one on one prenatal appointments.

Whether you are in need of Doula Services or are having your birth documented, your birth experience matters.

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The Niagara Region, Dunnville, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster & Burlington Areas.


St. Catharines Hospital (Niagara Region), West Lincoln Memorial Hospital (West Lincoln), St. Joseph Hospital (Hamilton), McMaster Hospital (Hamilton) & Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital (Burlington). 

At Home

All home births within our practicing regions and cities. 

Birth Pool Rentals

Interested in having a home birth or water birth? We have four luxury pools available for rent that come equipped with everything you need. Rentals are only $250 and are rented out from 37-42 weeks. All rentals come with a brand new birth kit, an air pump and submersible. We even do drop off and pick up as well as a mock set up right in the comfort of your own home.

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Experience With:

Home Birth

Experience with home birth, water births, unmedicated births, TENS machine use, natural comfort measures & hypnobirthing.

Hospital Births

Experience with hospital births in the Niagara Region, Hamilton & Burlington Hospitals, epidurals, inductions & cesarean births. 

Other Experience

Experience with VBAC deliveries, women age 40 plus, gestational diabetes, hyperemesis gravidarum, surrogacy, premies & NICU, posterior babies, miscarriage & infant loss, victims of sexual assault & teen pregnancies. 


Life is a story waiting to be written, each memory and moment, it’s own page in the book. Some so significant they may even have their very own chapter. What’s your story?

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  • We have been sharing some pretty incredible stories from mamas who have experienced different conditions during their pregnancy. Many of these conditions are quite rare which is why we don’t often hear about them. My hope is that through each of these mama’s stories we can learn more about all forms of pregnancy that occur including the rare conditions. Next I’ll be sharing Lexi’s story of her encounter with Gestational Thrombocytopenia. Stay tuned! 
#gestationalthrombocytopenia #thrombocytopenia #pregnancy #pregnancyconditions #pregnancystories #mamaslearningfrommamas #shareyourstory
  • Thrombocytopenia is a rare condition in pregnancy. Swipe left to see a visual comparison between someone with a normal platelet level to someone with low levels. 
Maternity image by @floberryphoto 
#gestationalthrombocytopenia #pregnancyconditions #pregnancy #thrombocytopenia
  • Gestational Throm-bo-cy-to-pe-ni-a………that’s a mouthful if you ask me so for the rest of this post we will be using it’s abbreviation, GT. GT is a condition in pregnancy that is defined by a drop in platelet count. Platelets are tiny blood cells that help your body form clots and stop bleeding when you injure yourself. A person’s average number of platelets range anywhere from 150 000 ul to 400 000 ul. GT often occurs closer to the third trimester and the risk of GT with birth is often a postpartum haemorrhage due to the body’s inability to clot and stop bleeding. This also posts a risk if the mother requires a c-section due to blood lose that occurs during surgery. In severe cases a blood transfusion may be required after birth. However, platelet numbers usually return back to normal within 7 days after birth. Thrombocytopenia can also be common when preeclampsia is present or HELLP Syndrome is present (a variation of preeclampsia). GT is often found through blood work that has been taken. Signs and symptoms may include superficial bleeding that lasts longer than it should, bruising easily, prolonged bleeding and bleeding from gums or nose, urine or stool depending on the severity. Depending on the severity your doctor may even prescribe a form of treatment. In some severe cases the baby may also have thrombocytopenia and it is important to monitor baby after birth as well. But often blood work is done on a regular basis to keep watch of levels during the remainder of the pregnancy. 
Resources used: Obstetrics, Gynaecology & the Newborn Book, Maternal & Child Care Book Varney’s Midwifery Book. 
#gestationalthrombocytopenia #pregnancyconditions #thrombocytopenia
  • I remember that feeling of being able to hold my little one’s teeny tiny hand in my hand. To count all those itty bitty toes. It didn’t matter how simple or how complex my pregnancy was, nothing seemed to matter anymore except that my sweet baby was here in my arms. The whole world seemed to stop for a moment in time.

#motherhoodmoments #newbornbaby #amomentintime #birthphotographer #niagarabirthphotographer #hamiltonbirthphotographer #burlingtonbirthphotographer #babytoes👣 #babyhands #babysnuggles #motherhood
  • There is truly nothing like the surprises of pregnancy whether they are good or bad. I remember being constantly surprised and amazed during my pregnancy. Surprised that it was a boy, amazed at how my body worked to grow another human life, surprised when we were told our little guy had enlarged kidneys that needed to be monitored, amazed every time I heard his little heart beat, surprised when I went overdue…..again, amazed that my body knew exactly how long my baby needed to grow and develop, surprised at the strength I had when labour began. Every pregnancy is different. Everyone’s highs and lows are different. For some it’s related to diagnoses and others conditions in pregnancy. For some it’s simple.  What were some of the surprises you had during your pregnancy? 
  • This is Emily’s HG journey……. Photos from Emily 
#hyperemesisgravidarum #hyperemesisjourney #emilyshgjourney #hyperemesisawareness #hyperemesissurvivor
  • Emily is an incredible mama and social worker. I met Emily a couple years ago and can see the passion she has for maternal health care. She recently explained how her journey with Hyperemesis was what really drove her passion for maternal health care. Check out the next post to read about Emily’s journey through HG. 
#emilyshgjourney #hyperemesisjourney #hyperemesisgravidarum
  • Hyperemesis & morning sickness. What’s the big difference? The early stages of Hyperemesis are often confused with or chalked up to morning sickness. However, there are many significant differences that differentiate the two. One of the big differences between the two are often in the amount of vomiting and the amount of weight lost. Often women with Hyperemesis will throw up 20-40 times a day and lose up to 20% of their body weight. There is also a huge emotional and mental tole Hyperemesis takes on the person experiencing it. Here are just a few differences between the two.

#morningsickness #hyperemesisgravidarum #hyperemesisawareness #whatsthedifference

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