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As a mama of two, a wife, a Doula, a Birth Photographer and a mama in the process to adopt, life can get a little crazy!….Ok maybe a lot crazy! But it makes all of those first moments so special! Life with a new baby on the way can be chaotic so allow me to help you have the best stress-free birth experience you possibly can! You deserve the birth experience that you desire! So let’s make it happen!

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Having a baby can be stressful but booking your birth services shouldn’t be! Allow me to help you have the best birth experience and take care of all of your needs. Booking your birth services is as easy as three simple steps. 


Think about what birth services will best benefit you and your family. Give me a call or send me an email to book your services.


Book your birth services and your in person consultation where we will plan and discuss your birth preferences.  


Take a deep breath and allow me to help you achieve the exact birth experience you desire to have. You deserve only the best birth experience!

Your birth experience…

Your best birth experience starts with you! Take a moment and think of the kind of birth experience you would like to have. Is it a hospital birth or a home birth? A medicated birth or an unmedicated birth? …… Now let’s make it happen! 

Together, we will make sure you have the best birth experience you can have. But first we will take time getting to know each other through an in person consultation. Then we will talk about your birth preferences and work towards a fearless, anxiety-free birth experience through our private one on one prenatal appointments.

Whether you are in need of Doula Services or are having your birth documented, your birth experience matters.

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Currently serving:

Regions & Cities

The Niagara Region, Dunnville, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster & Burlington Areas.


St. Catharines Hospital (Niagara Region), West Lincoln Memorial Hospital (West Lincoln), St. Joseph Hospital (Hamilton), McMaster Hospital (Hamilton) & Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital (Burlington). 

At Home

All home births within our practicing regions and cities. 

Birth Pool Rentals

Interested in having a home birth or water birth? We have four luxury pools available for rent that come equipped with everything you need. Rentals are only $250 and are rented out from 37-42 weeks. All rentals come with a brand new birth kit, an air pump and submersible. We even do drop off and pick up as well as a mock set up right in the comfort of your own home.

Rent your pool today

Experience With:

Home Birth

Experience with home birth, water births, unmedicated births, TENS machine use, natural comfort measures & hypnobirthing.

Hospital Births

Experience with hospital births in the Niagara Region, Hamilton & Burlington Hospitals, epidurals, inductions & cesarean births. 

Other Experience

Experience with VBAC deliveries, women age 40 plus, gestational diabetes, hyperemesis gravidarum, surrogacy, premies & NICU, posterior babies, miscarriage & infant loss, victims of sexual assault & teen pregnancies. 


Life is a story waiting to be written, each memory and moment, it’s own page in the book. Some so significant they may even have their very own chapter. What’s your story?

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  • Are you 1 in 4? If you are, you are not alone. I am 1 in 4. I am a mama to 3 but a parent of 2. To many, our second was known as 2 lines on a pregnancy stick but to my husband and I that was one of our babies. A baby we dream about meeting one day. If you are 1 in 4 I encourage you to join in tonight at 7 pm worldwide as we light candles for those lost too soon. If you are local the St. Catharines Hospital will be holding a candle lighting ceremony in the auditorium from 6:30-7:30 pm. If you are not 1 in 4 I encourage you to light a candle in support for those around you who are 1 in 4. 
#1in4 #candlelightingceremony
  • Congratulations to our two winners of the Fresh 48 draw! @carlyrow91 & @tanyaabiq you are our winners. I will be in touch soon! Thank you everyone who took the time to join the draw! 
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  • FRESH 48 GIVEAWAY! ***Giveaway will end October 14 th at 12 am. It includes FREE digital package. Must be done within first 48 hours in hospital only. Petite hair and makeup are available for an extra cost.*** HOW TO ENTER: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY
1. Follow us on Instagram 
2. Like the post
3. Tag 3 expecting mamas
4. Extra entries for entering on Facebook @trulovebirthphotography 
Good luck everyone! Winner will be announced on October 15th. 
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  • It’s giveaway time! With Thanksgiving right around the corner I thought now is the perfect time for a little giveaway. Keep an eye out for our next post to see what the big giveaway is! 
  • This is a great little diagram by Evidenced Based Birth on the ripple effect of what can occur when you have continuous consistent labour support. This is the desired goal of hiring a Doula and the outcome of all those wonderful statistics we talked about in previous posts. On a more positive note, your birth can also have a beautiful ripple effect whether you  choose to have a medicated or unmedicated birth, home birth or hospital birth, OB or midwife. 
#rippleeffects #goodrippleeffect #birthdoula #doulasupport #evidencebasedbirth #doula #niagaradoulas #hamiltondoulas #burlingtondoulas
  • To every action there is a ripple effect……like a wave in the ocean. Each wave that comes after the first wave can either bring you closer to shore or pull you deeper out into the water. The size of the ripple effect is determined by the size of the first wave; that first stone tossed into the water. In birth there is a saying that goes along the lines of this, “If you have a good thing going then leave it be.” We know from studies that the less interventions there are in birth the smaller the ripple effect. The more interventions the bigger the ripple effect can possibly be. This is not to say this occurs with every birth. But for every action in birth there is a ripple effect. But there are good ripple effects and there are not so good ripple effects. For example, I’m going to start out with a not so great ripple effect. If you were to get an epidural and you were very early on in your labour (maybe 2-3cm, hard and long cervix), maybe you’re a first time mama, the ripple effect could go something like this……a longer, slower labour, possibly leading to pitocin to keep labour going when the epidural slows it down, depending on the length of labour or how baby responds to pitocin, this could eventually lead to fetal distress which could in return lead to meconium or a lower APGAR score or possibly even an emergency cesarean or an instrumental delivery to get baby out faster. Or it could not at all and go very smoothly. But did you notice how one little thing could very easily lead to another and then another? This is what I mean by ripple effect. We have been talking about the effects of a Doula present during birth so in our next post we will take a more positive note (not that having an epidural is bad because it most certainly is NOT) and look at the ripple effect of a Doula. 
#rippleeffects #therippleeffect #toeveryactionthereisaripple #birth #birthdoula #ifitsgoodleaveitbe
  • Have you ever wondered about the facts? Well here are some great stats about how Doulas can be of help during your birth……..What if I told you I could help you feel more satisfied with your overall birth experience? What if I told you the decrease in low APGAR scores meant not only you but also your baby benefited from the consistent support of a Doula? 
I have based my stats on information from Evidence Based Birth as well as the American Pregnancy Association to get a broader scope of how Doulas were being helpful. In the Evidence Based Birth article it showed that the best results occurred when the birthing person had CONSISTENT support from a DOULA, not a care provider (OB, midwife or nursing staff) or someone from your social circle but someone who was a Doula. In the article by the American Pregnancy Association it talks specifically about the support from Doulas alone. It is amazing to see the impact that consistent support from a Doula can make. 
Article links:

#doulastatistics #howdoulashelp #doulasupportedbirth #doulasupport #birthdoula #evidencebasedbirth #statistics #reductionincesareanrates #increaseinvaginalbirths #decreaseinuseofmedication #shorterlabours #decreaseinlowapgars #decreaseindissatisfaction #decreaseinepidurals #decreaseinpitocin #decreaseinforcepdelivery #whatarethenumberssaying #trulovedoulaservices
  • Doulas can help in so many ways but what about the facts? What about the numbers? What are the numbers saying? Check out my next post for more detail on how Doulas help during your birth.

#doulastatistics #whatarethenumberssaying #doulasupport

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