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As a mama of two, a wife, a Doula, a Birth Photographer and a mama in the process to adopt, life can get a little crazy!….Ok maybe a lot crazy! But it makes those special moments oh so precious! Life with a new baby on the way can be chaotic so allow me to help you have the best stress-free birth experience you possibly can! 

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Having a baby can be stressful but booking your birth services shouldn’t be! Allow me to help you have a better birth experience and take care of everything you need. Booking your birth services is as easy as three simple steps. 




Think about what birth services will best benefit you and your family. Give me a call or send me an email. 

Book your birth services and your in person consultation where we will plan and discuss your birth preferences.  

Take a deep breath and allow me to help make your birth experience the best it can possibly be. 

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Your best birth experience starts at $850 and includes professional Doula services with both prenatal and postpartum care as well as full labour and delivery support.

Capturing your birth story starts at $1200 and includes discussions about your birth preferences and desires, full birth coverage and an in person image reveal to view your entire birth story.

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Life is a story waiting to be written, each memory and moment, it’s own page in the book. Some so significant they may even have their very own chapter. What’s your story?

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Helping create the best experience for you and your family and memories that will last you a life time. Supporting you and your growing family.

To book your Maternity, Newborn or Family Portrait Session please contact Karen from Reflections of Life Photography for more details.

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  • The FREE online series is here!!! Check out the topics to come! Each Monday I’ll be sharing information about a new topic and for the remainder of that week I’ll be posting content specific to that topic. Don’t forget to tell your mama friends! 
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  • Our FREE online prenatal series starts today!! Check out the live video for more information!
  • FEELING GOOD DURING POSTPARTUM……I’m going to be honest postpartum is hard! The lack of sleep, recovering from birth, your milk coming in, not to mention the hormones that simply just throw you right off course. So how do we have a great postpartum and transition into parenthood smoothly when it feels like there are a  million and one things against up? Well the truth is, it’s different for everyone. What works for one may not work for the other and thats totally ok! Join us April 15th as we start our live series on pregnancy, birth & postpartum.

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  • FEELING GOOD DURING POSTPARTUM……postpartum is a transitional time. You are now a mama, your hormones are changes, your milk supply is coming in, you are adjusting to parenthood and life with a little less sleep. Postpartum will look different for everyone and it’s not always easy. So how do you feel good during postpartum when there are so many changes happening? 
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  • FEELING GOOG DURING BIRTH…….let’s talk birth! On April 15th our FREE online series will be starting and one of our topics to cover will be all things birth! Having a positive birth experience is easier than it might look. We are going to talk perspective, birth options including place of birth and birth professionals, birth anatomy and the labour process as well as pain management. Remember I mentioned in my last post painless births are a real thing…..yep we are going to chat about all of that. We are going to talk about what happens in the brain when a woman goes into labour. How does one tap into that area of the brain to help assist your body in what it is trying to accomplish rather than fighting against it. And of course we are going to talk about all those crazy hormones that take control during and after birth. Each birth experience is different but each woman has the right to have a positive birth experience. What was your birth experience like? Did you have a vaginal birth? Cesarean birth? Medicated or unmedicated birth? If you are comfortable I’d love to hear your story! 
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  • FEELING GOOD DURING BIRTH…….birth can be an intimidating topic but what if I told you it doesn’t have to be? What if I told you that there was a secret and that it’s not that birth isn’t painful but that women are strong! What if I told you there is a way to tap into the area of our brains that was designed to help with pain management? What if I told you it is possible to birth your baby with ease, to have a positive birth experience, to be empowered during your birth? What if I told you those stories about painless birth are real? Join me April 15th as I begin my FREE online series about pregnancy, birth & postpartum.

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  • FEELING GOOD DURING PREGNANCY……what were some of the things that helped you feel good during your pregnancy? I know personally I had to eat a ton of protein during my first trimester or else the morning sickness was fierce! And walks were life! 
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  • Feeling good in pregnancy can be tricky especially during those early months when morning sickness likes to set in but taking care of yourself during pregnancy can make a world of difference!! Don’t miss out on our FREE online Feeling Good Series starting April 15h right here on our Instagram and Facebook platforms! 
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