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As a mama of two, a wife, a Doula, a Birth Photographer and a mama in the process to adopt, life can get a little crazy!….Ok maybe a lot crazy! But it makes all of those first moments so special! Life with a new baby on the way can be chaotic so allow me to help you have the best stress-free birth experience you possibly can! You deserve the birth experience that you desire! So let’s make it happen!

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Having a baby can be stressful but booking your birth services shouldn’t be! Allow me to help you have the best birth experience and take care of all of your needs. Booking your birth services is as easy as three simple steps. 




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Your best birth experience starts with you! Take a moment and think of the kind of birth experience you would like to have. Is it a hospital birth or a home birth? A medicated birth or an unmedicated birth? …… Now let’s make it happen! 

Together, we will make sure you have the best birth experience you can have. But first we will take time getting to know each other through an in person consultation. Then we will talk about your birth preferences and work towards a fearless, anxiety-free birth experience through our private one on one prenatal appointments.

Whether you are in need of Doula Services or are having your birth documented, your birth experience matters.

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Life is a story waiting to be written, each memory and moment, it’s own page in the book. Some so significant they may even have their very own chapter. What’s your story?

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  • For me laundry can get a little crazy…….like my two littles throwing all my folded laundry on the floor and using the basket like its a jungle jim. When I had my daughter my postpartum experience sucked. I struggled through the first 6 months.  So when I found out I was pregnant with my son I was determined to find ways to make postpartum easier and more enjoyable for everyone. One of those things were mastering house chores and laundry. So here are a few of my tips and tricks I have found to help make my life easier.

1. Slow and steady wins the race: When you procrastinate the pile only grows! I like to throw in a load every other evening. If you have a big family you may want to do it every evening. The reason why I do it in the evening is because it costs less on your hydro bill and you are able to maintain a steady flow rather than feeling overwhelmed by a huge mound of laundry come the end of the week. This also frees up our weekends to enjoy them instead of always doing chores. 
2. Leave all the socks in a laundry basket in the laundry room: No sock leaves until they are all matched. This saves me so much time looking for the matches.

3. Wash by colour: Darks include your blues, blacks, greens, greys, beiges, browns. Whites only. And lastly, bright colours. These are your yellows, pinks, purples, reds and oranges. Sort your laundry onto piles before you begin. It makes it quicker to just grab the next pile and throw it in.

4. Strip the bed and make the bed: When you strip the bed, wash the sheets and put them right back on. Then you aren’t constantly trying to fold bedding. 
5. Everyone helps: The rule in our house is that everyone helps. Right now our littles are a little young to fold laundry. But our youngest sure does love buttons. So when I do laundry he pushes the start buttons and my oldest helps match socks and helps put away her clothes. My hubby pitches in too and helps put away the laundry. 
6. Hang as much as possible: The more you hang the less you fold. If you are able, hang your shirts and sweaters. It will save you time! 
#laundry #laundrytipsandtricks #lifeasanadult #postpartum #makingpostpartumeasier #tipsandtricks
  • Laundry is one of those postpartum things that never go away! At first it’s cute folding all those teeny tiny little outfits but I remember it getting old real fast. But as your family grows so does the laundry pile. Oh and it you are doing cloth diapers then that pile seems to triple in no time. So how do you keep up with laundry as your family grows and not go crazy? Are you a marathon laundry person. Do you power through all the laundry on the weekend or are you a slow and steady kind of person and do loads of laundry here and there? 
#laundry #lifeasanadult #adulting #postpartumlongterm #postpartum
  • When it comes to postpartum long term I think of all the things that can help make your life easier as a mama. And for me freezer meals are one of my go to things! Freezer meals are great to have all the time when you are a mama. Even as a mama of a toddler and 4 year old I make freezer meals. The reality is that life can get busy and sometimes I just don’t want to cook dinner every night! One of the reasons why I always recommend soups to my new mamas are because the are wholesome and packed with nutrients and easy to digest. Depending on the soup, (usually bone broth soups) some soups may even help promote breast milk production. This one is my favourite fall soup; butternut squash soup. For more details about the recipe head over to our insta stories where you can find all the ingredients and recipe! 
#postpartumlongterm #freezermeals #soups #fourthtrimester #makinglifeeasier
  • I’ve been a little behind on my posts lately but week 12 we will be talking all about postpartum for the long term. Postpartum isn’t set by any specific time frame. There is no right answer to how long the postpartum period really is. Some will define the postpartum period by the first several weeks after baby arrives, some define it based on the end of care that occurs once baby reaches 6 weeks and others define it as much longer. So this week we will be chatting all about postpartum for the long haul and what that looks like when postpartum doesn’t just end. 
How long do you consider postpartum to be? Did you take a certain amount of time after your little one was born? 
#postpartum #week12 #onlineprenatalseries #postpartumsupport #fourthtrimester #postpartumlongterm
  • This book is a wonderful read. Although many of the fourth trimester traditions explained in this book are not readily seen and applied in our Western/American culture it really does give an incredible perspective about how new Mother’s are cared for all over the world. Different countries and cultures have their own practices and traditions for caring for new mothers during the postpartum period but there is a common ground of roughly 21-60 days in which the mother is cared for completely so her entire focus can be on nursing her baby.  This books shares all about those incredible cultural practices. Although many of these cultural practices wouldn’t work in our culture due to dynamics there is a basic concept of supporting a mother and providing care for her for the first several months after a baby is born that we most certainly can apply in our own way. Taking time to allow your body to heal from birth is a large part of the postpartum journey. Have you read this book? If so what did you think? 📸 @goingholistic 
#fourthtrimester #thefirstfortydays #postpartumdoula #postpartumcare #takingcareofmamas #fourthtrimesterbook
  • The fourth trimester is such a special time. It is the postpartum period after baby is born. Many different cultures have different perspectives on the forth trimester and how long it should last and the care that is provided to mothers. Sadly, in our own culture we have seen a trend, especially on social media, of mamas “bouncing right back” after baby, fitting into their pre-baby jeans, going on big outings the second day after having a baby, the list goes on. But these are not accurate representations of what the fourth trimester should look like. After each of my kids were born I always took 3 months of rest. This meant I did the bare minimum and simply focused on nursing and taking care of my baby before going back to my normal routine and normal outings. I had help from my mother in law with my other little one, and help from my mother with housekeeping, and my nana would send meals every few days for my family so I didn’t have to worry about cooking. Some would say this is a long time but for me this is exactly what my body and my baby needed. Did you take a fourth trimester after baby was born? What did it look like for you and your baby? How long did you take? 
#postpartum #fourthtrimester #postpartumselfcare #fourthtrimestermama #takingcareofmamas #takingcareofbabies #normalizepostpartum #postpartumdoula
  • Knowing signs and symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety can be really helpful not only for yourself but also if you have friends and family who have just had babies. Knowing the difference between the two can also be a big help. This is a great comparison by @momdocpsychology. 
#postpartumdepressionawareness #postpartumdepression #postpartumanxiety #whatsthedifference #knowingthesymptoms #knowthesigns #doulasupport #postpartumdoula #mentalhealthmatters
  • When I think of the word postpartum there’s so many things that come to mind. I think of the fourth trimester and beyond, I think of postpartum depression & anxiety, I think of support, a transformation, the birth of a baby and a mother. I think of the blessings and the hardships. I think of a people coming together as a united body to lift up and support a new mother as she journeys through motherhood.  I think of young and old women coming together to teach and learn from one another. I think of a journey that goes far beyond the depths of the fourth trimester. I think of doing life together. 
When I think of the word postpartum I wanted to be able to sum it up with a handful of words. When I think of postpartum these are the words that come to mind. A people offering support, teaching, pampering and refreshing, transforming, united, motherhood moments. 
#motherhoodmoments #postpartum #postpartumsupport #fourthtrimester #postpartumdoula #untiedpeople #momsneedhelp #supportyourfriends #normalizepostpartum #motherssupportingmothers #trulovebirthphotographyanddoulaservices

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