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As a mama of two, a wife, a Doula, a Birth Photographer and a mama in the process to adopt, life can get a little crazy!….Ok maybe a lot crazy! But it makes those special moments oh so precious! Life with a new baby on the way can be chaotic so allow me to help you have the best stress-free birth experience you possibly can! 

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Having a baby can be stressful but booking your birth services shouldn’t be! Allow me to help you have a better birth experience and take care of everything you need. Booking your birth services is as easy as three simple steps. 




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Your best birth experience starts at $850 and includes professional Doula services with both prenatal and postpartum care as well as full labour and delivery support.

Capturing your birth story starts at $1200 and includes discussions about your birth preferences and desires, full birth coverage and an in person image reveal to view your entire birth story.

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Life is a story waiting to be written, each memory and moment, it’s own page in the book. Some so significant they may even have their very own chapter. What’s your story?

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  • One of the things I wish I had when I had my daughter was more resources about breastfeeding before I got to the point of so desperately needing help. Knowing simple truths and facts such as that toe curling pain that many mothers talk about is actually a myth. (I’ll get back to this little truth bomb at a later time 😉) Breastfeeding is hard enough as it is. One of the things I have noticed over my years of experience as a Doula and supporting mamas with breastfeeding is that the mamas who had the right resources available to them BEFORE they got to the point of de stress and needing help actually seemed to have better breastfeeding experiences even when problems arised. And this didn’t matter if they were first time mamas or not. Having the right resources available and educating yourself on the truths and facts of breastfeeding before a problem arises gives mamas the confidence they need to be able to work through problems when they arise. Here are a few resources I recommend looking into if you have had struggles with breastfeeding or want to learn more about it. 
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  • WEEK 10: It’s all about breastfeeding!! This week is going to be jam packed with info about breastfeeding your baby! Breastfeeding isn’t easy and there can be lots of hiccups along the way. This week my goal is to help you feel more confident about nursing your little ones! We will also be doing features of other businesses who provide great info on breastfeeding! Stay tuned for more great info!

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  • Swimming with littles is a great way to bond, play and build attachment. This is also a great activity for all ages! It allows both mom and dad to be able to bond and connect with the child. It builds lots of trust and best of all while doing all of this your child is learning a new and valuable skill. 📸 by @speedoswimcentre speedoswimcentre 
#babiesswimming #bonding #buildinglifeskills #attachmentparenting #bondingactivities #lifewithlittles
  • Let’s go swimming!! This is a common phrase I’m sure many of us have heard a few times this summer. But how on earth does it have anything to do with bonding and attachment?? Swimming is actually a great way to bond with children of all ages including babies. It’s a gentle activity that builds trust between you and your child as your child or infant who cannot swim relies on you to keep them safe and help them swim. 
#swimming #bonding #attachement #attachmentparenting #bondingwithlittles #fun #familybondingmoments #attachmentattheheart
  • Play time; a child’s love language. As your little one grows and develops play will become a very important part of their day. Through play they learn different motor skills, learn how to play with others, how to play independently, will come in contact with a whole new world of sounds and textures and you get to be a part of all of it! Interacting and playing with your child is a great way to connect and bond with them. As they get older their interests may change and will be different from your other kids opening up time for one on one bonding moments. It is a way to get to know them in a whole new way. As a mama I can truly say how encouraging it is to watch your little ones develop new skills as they grow, even the simple things like stacking blocks.

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  • Although those sweet little snuggles and bedtime stories are a wonderful way to build attachment and bond with your little ones, play time is also great for bonding. Getting down on the floor at your child’s level and playing is a gentle way of entering their space. What was your favourite thing to do with your little one when it came to play time?

#playtime attachmentattheheart #attachement #attachmentparenting #familybondingmoments #fun #play #getdownontheirlevel
  • Let’s talk infant sleep……now a days there are so many do’s and don’ts to infant sleep it can be hard to keep track of, not to mention overwhelming for a first time mama. When it comes to infant sleep I always say follow your instincts as a mama. No matter where you decide your baby will sleep; crib, bassinet or co-sleeping with you. Follow your instincts. A big way that we can bond and build attachment with our littles is during bedtime. Bedtimes routines will switch and change based on the age of your child but one thing will always remain the same; they will always want YOU. They may no longer take that bottle or might want to pick the bedtime story but they will sleep need you. You may try every sleep training technique in the world and find it does or doesn’t work but in the end your sweet little babe needs you. Even if it’s a quick snuggle, that skin to skin bonding moment before you say goodnight and place them in the crib, or maybe it’s that hand resting on their chest or your finger wrapped in their finger as you lay in bed beside the bassinet, or maybe it’s that skin to skin with your baby snuggled in nice and close to  you as you both drift to sleep listening to the rhythms of each other’s breathing. Whatever you decide, know that every bedtime, even after a really long day when you feel like you can’t do it anymore, know that you are bonding and building attachment with your baby.

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  • Co-sleeping can be a controversial topic. Some say co-sleep while others say don’t co-sleep. But for many babies physical touch is a way for them to bond, feel safe and connect with their caregiver. Some babies have a hard time sleeping unless they are co-sleeping for the first little while after birth and rightfully so. They were just all cozied up inside mom for the last 9 months.  So what do you do? Did you co-sleep with your little one? If so, we would love to hear about your co-sleeping journeys below!

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