A Birth To Remember

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My phone buzzed, “My water just broke.”

“I’m on my way,” I replied.

It was a beautiful full moon that night. So bright it lit up the entire sky.

I knocked on the door and was welcomed by some very excited children awaiting the arrival of their baby sister. Making my way up to the bathroom where Stefanyie was labouring in the tub I could hear the excitement in the house. Children playing, running around, wondering what was happening with mommy.

This was Stefanyie and Elliott’s 6th baby. And oh how precious she is. Stefanyie had warned me she had quick births and was anticipating another quick birth. And quick indeed it was….

It was only minutes after I arrived and three clicks of the camera later that Stefanyie’s labour began to change. Stefanyie began showing signs that baby was coming quickly. Baby was coming now!


Stefanyie’s husband and I began to prepare to catch baby…..yes….things were happening that fast! Although midwife was on her way there was no guarantee she would arrive on time with how fast things were progressing. Elliot pulled out his phone about to call 911 when we heard the kids, “The midwife is here!!!”

Now I want you to picture a midwife pulling up, front door wide open and a group of kids filling the door way yelling with excitement, “The baby is coming!!! The midwife is here!”

As Stefanyie continued to labour I calmly bent down to get a better look and to my surprise the baby’s head was crowning. I took my place on the floor beside Stefanyie, prepared to catch baby if needed, reminding her to breathe deeply and slowly. Within minutes the midwife had a arrived and to her surprise as well baby’s head would be born within seconds. It was then I heard the midwife instruct me, ” I need you to place your hand on baby’s head and apply pressure now!”……”Even more pressure than that!”

Applying pressure to help slow labour and ensure that baby didn’t drop and hit her head, the midwife and I quickly switched positions, working together as quickly as we could to ensure the safety of mom and baby.

And within seconds sweet baby Shayah was born! Beautiful and absolutely perfect! All 9lbs and 7oz of pure sweet baby!

Waiting just down the hall were dad and Shayah’s five brothers and sisters, excited to meet their newest daughter and sister.

Birth is incredible.



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