Kayla ZuidersmaHi there, my name is Kayla.

I am a Birth Photographer & Doula. I have attended many births and supported many families as they enter into parenthood. But before I am a Birth Photographer & Doula I am a wife to my husband, Wes, and a mom to our little ones, Isabella & Benjamin.

As your Birth Photographer my goal is to capture your birth story. One of my favourite things about Birth Photography is  being able to be a story teller and capture the raw moments  and fine details of birth. When it comes to Birth Photography I have mastered the art of being a fly on the wall however, when you hire me as your Birth Photographer you are not only hiring a photographer but also hiring a trained Doula. Although I will often be a fly on the wall, I am always there to provide extra support to the family when needed or when asked.

As your Doula I strive to support your family as they journey through birth and enter into parenthood. I will help you so you can birth your baby with ease, have consistent support during your labour & delivery and help you transition into parenthood during those first precious weeks your baby is born.

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