An HG Survivor

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An HG Survivor

By: Kayla Zuidersma


When you decide to get pregnant, everyone has a vision of what they think their pregnancy will be like. Everyone wants to have that beautiful pregnant mama glow we see all over media. And then when we get pregnant we have hopes and dreams and expectations. But pregnancy isn’t like that for everyone…..

Hyperemesis destroys all hope for a peaceful pregnancy….

Hyperemesis is often characterized by it’s severe vomiting and nausea. Women who experience it often vomit anywhere from 10-40 times a day and can lose 5-20% of their body weight. Victims of Hyperemesis often spend countless hours in the hospital due to dehydration and malnutrition. Symptoms often come on around 4-6 weeks and often continue through the entire pregnancy. Hyperemesis is awful and it seems that every mama I talk to who has experienced Hyperemesis says the same, ” Hyperemesis sucks!”

Hyperemesis is a lonely condition.

Meet Tanya!

Tanya is a beautiful mama who is currently battling Hyperemesis. She shares how Hyperemesis has taken hold of the many areas of her life including her emotional and mental health, her physical health and even her finances. To read more about Tanya’s story click the link below.

With love,

Kayla & Tanya.


Hey there, my name is Kayla. I am your Niagara Region Certified Doula & Birth Photographer. I live on the beautiful escarpment in Beamsville on our family owned and run farm.

I am a mama of two and absolutely love birth and babies!! I love the journey into parenthood and the transition along the way. I love how our hearts seem to quadruple in size the second we lay eyes on our baby and how we get to see the world from a whole new perspective as our kids grow and change.

As your Doula & Birth Photographer my goal is to help you have a positive birth experience. My goal is to eliminate any fears or worries going into birth and help you feel confident and empowered when birthing your baby.

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