Finding The Right Doula

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Finding The Right Doula

By: Kayla Zuidersma


Have you ever gone shopping and were determined to find that perfect outfit? The one that fit just right? Finding a Doula can be kinda like shopping for that perfect outfit…..

Finding a Doula is important. It is a very personal decision and the Doula you choose to have in your birth space and support you, during this intimate moment, is a big deal. Like I’m talking, you saved up for that perfect outfit for months kinda deal. Like designer brand kinda big deal.

Finding the right Doula is like finding that perfect outfit…..

  1. First, you’re going to determine your style. Maybe you have a special occasion to go to and you need to look professional or maybe you want to dress more casual. Think of this like your BIRTH PHILOSOPHY. Do you share a similar birth philosophy? This is important. If you don’t share similar birth philosophies then you will both be working towards two different outcomes. So, what’s your style.
  2. Next, you go to your favourite store, the one you know fits just right. You know from previous experience that their sizes and quality are just right. This is comparable to your Doula’s BIRTH EXPERIENCE. Ask your Doula about their experience. Do they have experience in the type of birth you are having and the support you need?
  3. Next, you may even ask for assistance to help you find that perfect outfit. Now if you are shopping in Walmart or Target you aren’t going to ask the guy in the kitchen department to help you with your clothing needs. No! You’re going to ask an associate from the clothing department. And not the kids department or the men’s department. The exact department that you need. In birth terms, this is your Doula’s QUALIFICATIONS. Be nosey folks!!! There is no harm in asking your Doula about their qualifications. It is the difference between having the student or the teacher. Both are perfectly ok, but depending on your current situation you may require someone with more experience and qualifications or you may be having your fourth child, and know what to expect, and are perfectly comfortable with the student Doula.
  4. Now, when you can’t find that perfect outfit, your associate may even ask for assistance from another associate or you may have to buy half your outfit at one store and half at another store. In simple terms, your Doula needs to be a TEAM PLAYER. Your Doula needs to know how to work professionally with your care providers and know how to be inclusive to your birth partner. They need to be able to work with you and work well in a team setting.
  5. And lastly, we all like a good recommendation. Are you going to go to a store you’ve never been in? Maybe. Or are you more likely to go to a store, that a trustworthy friend referred you to, after telling you their great experience they had? That’s a little more likely don;t you think? So shop around!! That friendly recommendation is like your Doula’s REVIEWS. Go shopping folks. And again, be nosey. Check out their reviews online. Do a little Facebook and Instagram snoop. Let’s be honest here, since Facebook and Instagram came out, we are all detective level snoopers.

Your Doula should be the perfect fit!

So go shopping. Ask questions. And find a Doula that is the perfect fit for you and your family.

With love,



Hey there, my name is Kayla. I am your Niagara Region Certified Doula & Birth Photographer. I live on the beautiful escarpment in Beamsville on our family owned and run farm.

I am a mama of two and absolutely love birth and babies!! I love the journey into parenthood and the transition along the way. I love how our hearts seem to quadruple in size the second we lay eyes on our baby and how we get to see the world from a whole new perspective as our kids grow and change.

As your Doula & Birth Photographer my goal is to help you have a positive birth experience. My goal is to eliminate any fears or worries going into birth and help you feel confident and empowered when birthing your baby.

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