COVID-19 Keeping Our Clients Safe

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Keeping Our Clients Safe!


The safety of our clients comes first! I wanted to share with you the precautions I’ll be taking to help ensure you and your family remain safe during this season but also are able to have the support you need. Here are a few health and safety measures that I will be taking.

Health Precautions

In order to keep you safe we have switched to online prenatal appointments and will continue to keep our prenatal appointments online until further notice. Before each birth all equipment will be sanitized. I will continue to follow government guidelines and recommendations on social distancing and will continue to do a gentle form of social distancing even once the quarantine is lifted to help minimize exposure. I will also be monitoring my health and will be taking my temperature before attending a birth. I will NOT be attending births if I have any symptoms.

Personal Hygiene Measures

As one of the ways to help keep you and your family safe I will wash my hands before leaving my house and upon arrival and be changing into a clean pair of scrubs to minimize the risk of spread through clothing items. I will also be leaving my shoes at the door, wearing a mask, gloves and scrub cap. I will also be wearing a face shield whenever necessary. When I leave your home, I will be changing out of my scrubs and back into a clean pair of clothing. I will be washing my hands before I leave and placing all used equipment and clothing into a “dirty” bag to be sanitized.


Cleaning Protocol

Keeping you safe but also providing you with the tools you need is important. Before and after each birth, all equipment will be sanitized and cleaned thoroughly including my birth bag to ensure there is no spread of germs between clients. Anything that is material based such as a rebozo will be washed on a sanitize wash setting. I will also be sanitizing surfaces such as my car door handle, steering wheel, chair and buttons to ensure there is no spread through surfaces.

Sick Policy

As a Doula, I have a strict no sick policy. Clients are required to disclose if they or anyone in their house hold have had symptoms such as a fever, cough, runny rose, stuffy nose, vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24-48hrs or test positive for COVID. In the event that yourself or someone in the house hold has had symptoms or tests positive for COVID your Doula will continue to support you virtually during the birth or from outside the home through an open window or screen door if possible.

Your safety comes first! I look forward to continuously supporting you and your family as you transition into parenthood during this season. 
With love,


Hey there, my name is Kayla. I am your Niagara Region Certified Doula & Birth Photographer. I live on the beautiful escarpment in Beamsville on our family owned and run farm.

I am a mama of two and absolutely love birth and babies!! I love the journey into parenthood and the transition along the way. I love how our hearts seem to quadruple in size the second we lay eyes on our baby and how we get to see the world from a whole new perspective as our kids grow and change.

As your Doula & Birth Photographer my goal is to help you have a positive birth experience. My goal is to eliminate any fears or worries going into birth and help you feel confident and empowered when birthing your baby.

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