Session Information


Birth Photography


Birth Photography is an incredible way to document the transitional moment in your life when you enter into parenthood. Your birth story will include an experienced birth photographer present during your entire birth to capture the raw moments of your birth including the baby’s first couple hours of life.

Fresh 48

Fresh 48 sessions are a wonderful way to capture those first initial hours of baby’s life without having someone present for your entire birth story. Whether you want the tiny details captured or the reactions of siblings meeting for the first time, your photographer will coordinate a time to come and capture your family’s first moments.

Our Adoption Story

Adoption is a beautiful journey into parenthood and each story is so special. Our story began two and a half years ago and has continued to flourish and grow into something beautiful. We know there is a child out there that is the final missing piece to this love story we call family but only God knows when we will be graced with that child.