Week 1: Pregnancy Anatomy

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Week 1: Pregnancy Anatomy

By: Kayla Zuidersma


I can remember being pregnant for the first time and all the changes that were happening in my body that I had never experienced before. It was like puberty all over again only this time my body was growing a human being. Sure, it was beautiful and lovely and I’ll admit I felt that lovely glow at some points in my pregnancy. But the raw reality was that my body was changing and I didn’t even know half the things it was doing.

My body was changing and I didn’t know the half of it.

Placenta? What the heck is that? You mean to tell me I’m going to give birth twice, once to my baby then to this so called placenta thing?!! What do you mean my organs will make room for my baby?! WHERE DOES EVERYTHING GO!!?? It’s normal to throw up during labour? Oh and don’t worry you could poop on the table but we are all used to it so don’t worry about it. That just tells us you are pushing in the right area!?????……..Well guess what I’m not used to it!!! I remember feeling like my head was spinning. There was so much information and not all of it was pleasant I might add! (Sorry to those of you whom’s bubble I just burst about the pooping part……it got me too!)

Information, clinical and practical, cannot be assumed as understandable or relatable.

I remember being given information from my health care providers but it was information that seemed to go right over my head. It was clinical and practical, yet somehow it still assumed that I knew what they were talking about. And by the end of my pregnancy I remember thinking to myself how on earth did I get into this mess. (Well, lets be honest I know how. You see theres the birds and the bees….haha I’m just kidding we aren’t going there today!)

Let’s be honest, there’s endless information about pregnancy and birth. It’s one of the reasons I love the area of study so much! You never know all the info. It’s impossible because things are always changing and progressing with the times. But theres some basic information that remains the same and can be extremely helpful and valuable to you during your pregnancy. And that’s exactly what we are going to talk about today.

Pregnancy anatomy is wisdom in knowledge.

I’ll admit, pregnancy anatomy can be a little dry. There’s so much of it I’m barely scratching the surface here but it gives you a general overview of the changes happening in your body. In our first week we are going to talk about some of the changes that take place in your body during pregnancy. Grab a warm beverage, get cozy, snuggle in and enjoy the video!

The following video will provide you with information on physical changes, hormonal changes & emotional changes during pregnancy. I’ll be covering topics like weight gain, blood volume increase, nasal passage and throat changes, lungs and respiratory system, changes with organs such as your stomach, bladder, intestines and uterus. We will take a closer look at a handful of hormones that are present during pregnancy such as Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Estrogen, LH, Progesterone, Relaxin & HCG.

I’ll warn you, pregnancy information isn’t always the most exciting but it’s vital to understanding how our bodies work and function as they grow and change. Remember each pregnancy is different and each body is different! Enjoy the video!

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