Week 7: Pain Management

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Managing Your Labour

By: Kayla Zuidersma


Let’s be up front and personal for a minute……labour sucks. It’s not fun. It hurts. And pushing… you do not always feel a relief when you push……sooooooo that’s a lie! Oh and the ring of fire……yep that’s a thing! But here’s the truth……

There is a secret about birth and it’s not that birth isn’t painful, it’s that women are strong.

Understanding our bodies and the birth process helps us to better understand how we can manage labour. Easier said than done right? Which is exactly why this week I have dedicated a video specifically to explaining all the different pain management techniques available to you.

So let’s chat pain management…..The following are some of the pain management techniques discussed in the video.

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Hot & Cold Therapy
  • Acupressure & Hip Squeeze
  • Change in Positions
  • TENS Machine
  • Essential oils
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Walking, Dancing & Movement
  • Yoga Ball & Peanut Ball
  • Epidural & Medications
  • Use of Rebozo

Your strength in birth can be maximized through the use of comfort measures.

Don’t let the pains of labour scare you. Don’t allow fear  and anxiety to take up space in your heart. Believe you are strong and that you can birth your baby. Trust that your body knows exactly what to do and trust the birth process. Maximize on your comfort measures and embrace the journey into parenthood.

In the following video we are going to unfold some of the different comfort measures that you can try during your delivery.

Enjoy the video!


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