Week 9: Building Attachment

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Bonding With Your Baby

By: Kayla Zuidersma


As moms we want nothing more than to bond with our babies. We want that intimate connection, those sweet baby snuggles that just melt our heart and that special bond mothers have with their babies.

But the reality is, not every mother will feel that immediate bond and connection with their baby from birth. That doesn’t make them any less good of a mother or make that attachment any less important. It just means it will come at another time.

Bonding takes time, patience & love.

Bonding and attachment will come, it always does. Below are a handful of ways you and your birth partner can build a bond with your new baby and slowly work towards attachment.

  1. Feeding: Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, feedings are a great way to bond and build attachment to your baby. A baby will naturally form an attachment with the care giver who provides them with their basic needs such as food. When you are feeding your baby consider feeding them for the fist little while in a quiet space with no electronic devices so you can focus on bonding with your baby.
  2. Bath time: Bath time can be a really fun way to bond with your baby. I often recommend that is mom is breastfeeding this may be an activity that the birth partner takes on as their own personal time to bond with baby. Bath time is a great way to bond with baby. As your child gets older this attachment can continue to grow in the form of swimming lessons where the child relies on the care giver to protect them while learning to swim.
  3. Bedtime: Bedtime is also a great way to form attachment and slowly build routine into their day to day schedule. Bedtime can involve things like singing, story time, snuggles, etc.
  4. Calming/ Soothing: Comforting your baby is a great way to build that bond. It helps them build an attachment that is safe and healthy.
  5. Skin to skin: Skin to skin is another great way to build a bond and attack attachment with your baby. Snuggling, holding, rocking, carrying can all be forms of skin to skin.
  6. Play time: Play time is just one more way you can connect with your growing baby as they begin to learn and grow and go through different developmental milestones.


The following video is a quick overview of ways you can bond with your baby!


Hey there, my name is Kayla. I am your Niagara Region Doula & Birth Photographer. I live on the beautiful escarpment in Beamsville on our family owned and run farm.

I am a mama of two and currently in the process to adopt our third! I know crazy! Life feels crazy sometimes but that’s all part of the fun right?

I absolutely love birth and babies!! I love the journey into parenthood and the transition along the way. I love how our hearts seem to quadruple in size the second we lay eyes on our baby and how we get to see the world in a whole new perspective as our kids grow and change.

As your Doula & Birth Photographer my goal is to help you have the best birth experience you possibly can. My goal is to eliminate any fears or worries going into birth and help you feel confident and excited to birth your baby.

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