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Why I Do What I Do

By: Kayla Zuidersma


Everyone has a reason why they do what they do. Something that draws your attention. Something that captivates you. Something that sparks a little flame in your heart. Something that fulfills a passion and a purpose. For me it’s all of these things and more.

For me it’s not just something, but rather a special, very specific moment.

At a recent birth, after baby was born, my client looked up at me, tears flowing down her face, baby snuggled against her chest and said, “This is it, isn’t it? This is your moment. This right here is why you do what you do, isn’t it?”

I smiled at her with glossy eyes and replied, “Yes it is.”

She looked down at her beautiful baby girl and through her tears said, “I get it now.”

The moment for me is new life being born.

It’s a quick moment right after baby is born. And if you aren’t paying attention you’ll miss it. It’s a moment that is filled with relief, shock, awe, unconditional love and pure joy. The moment when baby and mom meet for the first time. When the new mother reaches out for her baby, seeing baby for the very first time. She’s waited months and months for this exact moment and now it’s here. It’s when new life collides with the birth of a mother. But that’s not the only thing happening in this very moment. Close to mom is usually her birth partner; her husband, partner, boyfriend, finance, friend, mother, sister. And in that very moment as mom and baby meet for the first time, the birth partner is there, feeling all those emotions alongside mom…..relief, shock, awe, unconditional love and pure joy. Within seconds both mom and the birth partner light up in a way they never have before. It’s the look of love that can’t be beat. Sometimes it’s with a smile, sometimes with a gasp, sometimes with words, sometimes with silence and sometimes it’s with tears. It’s that first glance.

It’s the birth of a mother.

In the Birth Photography world we call it the “reaction shot” but in the Doula world I like to call it “unconditional love.” It’s a moment that is different at every birth but present at every birth. No matter what the circumstance there is always this moment. And it’s a quick moment. During some births it lasts longer than others and for some mothers this may be their only moment but it’s “the moment.”

This “moment” is why I do what I do.

Do I love the late nights and pure exhaustion from sleepless nights…….not really.

Do I like the on call life…….I mean it’s not the worst thing in the world but it can be limiting.

Do I enjoy being away from my husband and children for an unknown amount of time……..never.

But this “moment” is a moment you never get back no matter how many children you have. Each “moment” will look different. Each one of your birth stories will be different. But with Birth Photography you get to keep this moment forever. It doesn’t become a fuzzy, hazed over memory, mixed in with a lifetime of other memories. No, with Birth Photography it’s frozen in time forever. And you get to go back to that exact moment when you first laid eyes on your baby whenever you want. As your kids get older and enter new stages, you have this one moment to always go back to. It doesn’t matter how big your baby gets, it doesn’t matter how hard motherhood can be because you have this moment. This piece of time captured forever. The most important, biggest life altering event you will ever go through secure with you for a lifetime.

This is why I do what I do…………..




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